New generation of probiotics

New generation of probiotics is already the 4th generation of probiotics. Their structure is fundamentally different from the previous three generations. The previous generations contain separate, solitary cells of probiotics while the probiotics of the 4th generation bring pure bacterial culture in the form of a biofilm, i.e. in a structure similar to that one in which they occur on intestinal mucosa. Probiotic bacteria are produced and cultivated to create biofilm in order to be most functional and natural. The bacteria cultivation that results as a biofilm is a patent-protected technology.

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Features of probiotics of 4th generation:

their structure is very close to real state in which they occur on intestinal mucosa
their genes are prepared to adhere quickly on intestinal epithelium
they are stable
they are more resistant to acidic pH of stomach
they are more resistant to selected antibiotics
they are more resistant to bile acid

1st – 3rd generation of probiotics and their limits

In approximately 15 years that probiotics have been on the market, they highly improved. To summarize briefly the development of probiotics, we can divide them into 3 generations:

1st generation – probiotics whose bacterial cells are not processed
2nd generation – enteric-coated, protected against acidic pH of the stomach
3rd generation – encapsuled probiotics with elevated stability
All probiotic preparations of the 1st –3rd generation contain solitary cells.

However, the structure of bacteria in our intestine is different. If we study intestinal mucosa, we find bacteria in the form of a biofilm.
For the right function of probiotics it is necessary that they adhere to intestinal mucosa and form a so-called biofilm.

And this could be a problem. Bacteria that are cultivated as solitary cells, must be radically reprogrammed so that they are able to form a biofilm. It this does not happen, probiotic bacteria of 1st-3rd generation pass through digestive tract with no benefit.

Comparison of biofilm probiotics and commonly cultivated probiotics: